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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the surface I apply Smark!® to need to be smooth?

The smoother the surface the better the product applies. We recommend sanding the surface to make it as smooth as possible. This will give you the best possible surface to write on.

How long do I have to paint the wall once I mix the product?

You have 45 minutes to paint your surface. This should be more than enough time. If you are planning on using it on more than one surface then make sure your plan is solid.

Do I need to wear gloves?

We would recommend it. It’s pretty darn sticky.

Do I really need to mix the product for 3 minutes?

Yes, This is science people. Also make sure you stir the bottom and sides of the can as well. Lets not leave any Smark!® unstirred.

What is up with the name Smark!®?

We wanted to come up with a clever name that people would ask about. Also, our plan for global domination includes Smark!® becoming a verb. Now, go Smark!® that wall.

What if I forgot to remove the tape and it is stuck to the wall?

We can fix this. First you need to slap your hand and tell yourself it won’t happen again. Next, get a razor or some other sharp object thing and cut the tape away slowly. Try not to damage the wall or you might have to slap your hand again.

Got any data sheets for Smark!®?

Actually, we do!
Download the Product Data Sheet (PDF 96 KB)
Download the English Base Safety Data Sheet (PDF 305 KB)
Download the English Activator Safety Data Sheet (PDF 328 KB)
Download the French Base Safety Data Sheet (PDF 174 KB)
Download the French Activator Safety Data Sheet (PDF 180 KB)

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